Gens ace TATTU Review 2015

As a lot of you know by now, here at VidMuze we fly multi-rotors professionally.  In addition to us building our own heavy lifters, our goal is to have the latest in UAS technology.  With that being said, we believe it’s required to invest in the best equipment to insure professionalism as well as maximizing safety.  After testing several different manufactured batteries, we have found Gens Ace Tattu batteries to be the best out there.  So without further delay, here’s our Tattu battery review.

When it comes to the security of powering our aerial gear with LiPo batteries, we take a lot into consideration.  Here’s a simple list of what we look for.

  • Reliable
  • Strong build quality
  • Durability
  • Stable balanced cells
  • Consistent power output


Tattu is a sister brand of Gens Ace and they are owned by a Chinese manufacturer that has been operating for over 16 years.  Over the years, they have mastered the production of LiPos in my opinion.  Tattu’s reputation is great and well known around the world.

Build Quality

Tattu has designed a light weight aluminum case that houses the 6 battery cells.  This hard casing protects the batteries from open flame and even punctures that could occur while out in the field.  The use of aluminum allows for minimal added weight.  When holding a Tattu battery, they feel firm and secure.  These 10,000 mAh @ 25C weigh in at 1407 grams. Tattu has also installed two layers of heavy duty heat shrink which completes the layers of protection.  One slight negitive, the outer layer of heat shrink is black which will absurb the sun’s heat.  This is not a huge deal, but white or gray heat shrink would be best to help deflect the sun’s heat.  Now even with all of this protection, you’ll still want to treat these LiPos with care, as you would any LiPo.


The Tattu battery’s overall design and structure is very durable. Batteries feel firm and solid. The power leads feel quite secure as well. The Tattu battery comes with 10 gauge wire, without any connectors. We use EC5 connectors with our heavy lifters. Two things I was slightly disappointed with the power leads. First, the cable length was shorter then other battery brands we’ve used before. We actually used this issue to our advantage. We re-wired our ships to accomindate for the shorter power leads, which this helped reduce cable clutter. The second disappointing issue was the power leads are located on top of the Tattu battery instead of the front. This prevents us from being able to stack our batteries exactly on top of each other. So now, we have to stack them slightly off to one side. It’s not a huge deal, just a little cumbersome in our carry cases.

Balanced Cells

Cells are staying balanced after 30 charge cycles.  Even after flying a pair of batteries, the cells burn evenly as well.  I’m very particular with storing my batteries at 3.75 volts per cell when I’m not going to use them for a week or more.  After leaving these batteries in a storage charge for 7 days, then after completing a slow balance charge, all of the cells stayed within a fraction of a volt of each other.  Very healthy!

Power Output

The big question we ask ourselves is “How well will these batteries perform towards the end of their charge when pumping out power for a heavy lifter?” We are using the 6S 10,000 mAh @25C Tattu batteries. We were fearful that when we were at the end of our flight, that the batteries voltage would drain down quickly as most LiPos do. Tattu surprised us again. These batteries performed extremely well all the way up to the end of the flight duration. We were able to get an extra 3 minutes from our Tattu batteries then from other name brand batteries. This is huge for us. More time in the air, makes for more time efficient shoots.


Yes, it always seems to come down to the infamous dollar bill. How much do these batteries cost? You can purchase one 6S 10,000 mAh @25C Tattu battery for $280 USD. Yes, this is the highest price for a battery at these specs, but you must remember, you get what you pay for. With all of the years Tattu has been producing batteries, in my opinion, they produce the best. It’s an investment. Do what’s best for your multi-rotors and give them the best power to fly with.


What can I say… I’m extremely happy with our Tattu batteries. They perform extremely well.

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