Battery Tec.

We only use high quality raw materials

The advanced materials for our lithium polymer cells are mostly imported from Japan and South Korea where high quality is guaranteed.

Our LiPo cells are produced in fully automated machines that control quality of production at every step. Our batteries are tested again after production is completed with the newest technology and equipment.

Further technological details, for our battery production we use not only high quality materials but also equipment that speaks for itself.

With the SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope)

our professionals make sure that raw materials are homogenous, chemicals pure and semi-finished products are of convincing quality. Our SEMs have enlarging scales from 15- 300,000 times and still deliver clear images for visual inspection. They are generally used with dry powders, aluminum foils and to control cathode and anode quality.


The XRD (X-Ray Diffraction)

is used to analyze chemical structures of monocrystalline, polycrystalline and noncrystalline particles as well as for qualitative and quantitative material feature analysis. Through excellent hard- and software combination our employees can rely on accuracy of testing results and easy data processing through recordings in ASC structure.

BET instruments

measure powder materials with surfaces of more than 0,01m²/g. They are used to examine and calculate surface areas of all kinds of powder chemicals and porous materials. Our instruments combine degassing and testing in one process and operate highly efficient and accurate without any air contact. Nitrogen differential pressure and full color computerized systems are further features.


Laser Particle Size Analyzers

support our employees in checking homogeneity of dry powders, emulsions and suspensions. Particle diameter data is processed by its software efficiently and can then be analyzed. We use MALVERN analyzers that are constantly checked. They measure in a broad range from 0.02µm to 2000µm and ensure high testing quality through Malvern Quality Audit Standards.